What are we doing? Who do we help?

We support children
with a different first language
as well as their teachers

What are we doing? Who do we help?

We help parents with migration experience and their children to orientate themselves in the Czech education system and in their integration into society. We offer courses in Czech as a second (foreign) language for children and adults.

We provide teachers and schools with educational counselling for children who have no or sufficient knowledge of Czech. We offer seminars, methodological support and teaching materials.

We propose and promote systemic changes that reflect the needs of schools and children with different mother tongues and develop their potential.

Through activities for the public, we facilitate understanding between foreigners and the majority society.

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Bilingual teaching assistants

The teaching assistant plays an important role in the education of pupils with a different first language (DFL). In addition, if the assistant speaks the same language as the pupils, it can make the learning process easier. That’s why we have created the concept of bilingual teaching assistants (DAP). Since 2012, We have been providing DAP with education and helping schools to involve DAP in the education system.

Bilingual teaching assistants

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